We are the Sole Distributor for Nanny Breast Milk Storage Bags. Through this website, we bring the products direct to you, hence bringing savings to you as the consumer.

Nanny Storage Bags
S$11.00 Quantity: 25 bags per box, Capacity: 6 oz or 170 ml
The convenient, durable and yet economical storage bags have the following features:-
Pre-sterilised – for cleanliness and convenience
Extra-thick – prevents tear
Double Zipper Seal – prevent leaks and spills
Self-standing – for easy use and storage
Manufactured in Thailand by Picnic Plast Industrial Company Ltd. The Nanny Bags are manufactured in hygienic and clean processes and meet international standards.

Mothers will feel assured in using them to store the precious breastmilk.

Boppy Slipcovers – Direct from USA

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