How to use the storage bags
1.    Wash hands thoroughly with soap and warm water before handling
2.    After expressing, remove a storage bag from the pack and make a note of        the time and date of expressing the milk. This will help you to ensure to
       use the older milk first.
3.    To open bag, remove the perforated tab at the top of bag.
4.    Next, open dual seals by placing thumbs near the seals and carefully
       pulling them apart.
5.    Pour breast milk into bag and reseal for storage
6.    Before sealing, squeeze out as much air as possible

Thawing and Warming
1.    To thaw frozen milk, place bag in the fridge overnight
2.    If time is short, defrost by placing the bag in warm (not hot) water
3.    If you wish to heat up the milk, do this after the milk has thawed
4.    When thawed, simply open the double seals and pour milk into feeding
       bottle or cup and dispose bag
5.    Pour breast milk into bag and reseal for storage
6.    To warm milk, place bottle under hot running water or in container of
       heated water until the right feeding temperature

1.    Place the bag in the fridge or deep-freezer
2.    For best results, keep the bag upright until the milk has frozen
3.    Liquids expand when frozen – we recommend not filing more than 6 oz/ ml
4.    Breast milk can be kept in the fridge for up to 24 hours, in the ice
       compartment of the fridge for up to 7 days and in the deep freezer for up to
       3 months

1.    Do not reuse bag
2.    Do not top up storage bags by adding to previously expressed or
       frozen milk
3.    To avoid the growth of bacteria, never allow breast milk to stand at
       room temperature
4.    Do not microwave breast milk and storage bags
5.    Always check milk temperature before feeding
6.    Any unfinished milk should be discarded – do not refreeze or keep for later

Tips from Other Mothers
1.    Freeze milk in small quantities – it doesn’t take so long to defrost and
       you’re less likely to end up throwing unused milk away
2.    Double seals bags are better as it provides double protection to
       prevent leaks

About Manufacturer
1.    Manufactured by Picnic Plast Industrial Company Ltd, Thailand
2.    Renowned manufacturer of high quality plastic products
3.    With more than 30 years of expertise and knowledge
4.    Product brands include ‘PICNIC’ for household, kitchen and industrial
       ware, and ‘NANNY’ for baby products
5.    Products are reliable, durable, widely accepted and meet international
6.    Products are exported to Europe, USA, Middle East, Asia, China and India
7.    Read more about manufacturer :

Payment and Delivery
1.    All orders will be dispatched within 3 working days by post after
       confirmation of payment
2.    Delivery and handling charges will be borne by buyer.
       For delivery in Singapore the following rates will apply:-  

      1 to 2 Boxes - S$1.20
      3 Boxes - S$1.70
      4 to 7 Boxes - S$2.80
      8 to 11 Boxes - S$3.60
      12 Boxes and above – free  
      For delivery outside Singapore, please call to check on delivery and
      handling charges.


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