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Food For Totz seeks to provide breastfeeding mums with solutions to hassle free breastfeeding, both at home and once mum returns to work. As a new mum of a lively 9 month old baby girl, I am a strong advocate of the benefits of breastfeeding. When I started to search for different ways to store my precious milk after my delivery, I discovered a dearth of cost-effective and hygienic breastmilk storage equipment here in Singapore. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Nanny breastmilk storage bags and Iíve been using it everyday since returning to work. Pumping and storing breastmilk has been so convenient with these bags and a highly effective pump. I strongly believe that breastfeeding mums who have returned to hectic working schedules or stay home mums who need to be apart from their children for a few hours can continue to save their precious milk for their babies and continue breastfeeding for longer durations. Some of the other featured products in this website are also some of the items I have found to be valuable during my initiation into breastfeeding and I hope to share them with you.
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